Mayor Nutter Goes to the Dogs

On May 22, 1010, Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter named me the "2010 Humane Educator of the Year!" I was the first Pit Bull to be recognized by the Mayor for my work to create safe and humane communities in Philadelphia!! I received my award at Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia's "Super Adoption Day."
My parents carried me onto the stage, where I was joined by my old friend Hector the Pit Bull, who traveled all the way from Animal Farm Foundation in New York to celebrate with me!
Here's my plaque, which reads: " To Sarge: For his kind and caring spirit and his significant contributions to educating the people of Philadelphia about animal welfare."
Although my name was on the plaque, this award was really for ALL THE DOGS who work so hard to change minds and open hearts.

Here are some fun paparazzi shots from this special day!!

Hector with his Dad (Roo Yori) and Mayor Nutter
Carla Lou with her Mom ("Little Darling" of Pinups for Pitbulls) and Mayor Nutter
Hector and Martha Washington (my sister!)
Arlene and her foster dog, Sienna (who has since been adopted!!)
Lily, me, and Hector: all certified therapy dogs!!
"The Three Amigos": Carla Lou, me, and Hector

PS: Did you know that Carla Lou, Martha Washington, and Sienna are all Elderbulls like me?!?! Let's hear it for those Golden Girls!!!