Sarge Goes to New Jersey!

Until recently all of my therapy dog visits have been in Pennsylvania, but last week I expanded my horizons to the great state of New Jersey! I paid a visit with Pals for Life to Ms. Dudzinski's "First Step" Kindergarten class at New Albany Elementary School in Cinnaminson.
The "First Step" program supports children with special needs, including those who fall along the autism spectrum. Ms. Dudzinski's students practiced their language skills by asking my Dad questions about me.
My Dad also taught them how to approach a dog and invited them to do trial runs on us. The students also practiced their fine motor skills by brushing me, petting me, and feeding me treats (which I loved!).
I enjoyed spending the afternoon with these wonderful children and their dedicated teacher. I hope to visit again soon!
PS: This little boy and I had something in common: we're both missing a bottom tooth!