Sarge Goes to a Law Firm

My friend Jen works at a law firm in Philadelphia, and she's also a huge animal lover and dedicated shelter volunteer. When she invited me to have lunch in the conference room with her colleagues I jumped at the invitation! My Dad carried me down Broad Street to the office building, where Jen greeted me with a big kiss.
Then it was up to the conference room, where there were tons of toys and treats with my name on them...literally! I was so touched that all these people, who had never met me before, were so nice!
I showed the lawyers that negative stereotypes about pit bull type dogs are a bunch of nonsense; and in return, the legal folks showed me that negative stereotypes surrounding their profession don't always hold true either!
Just like any smart professional, I gave everyone my business card before I left. Thank you, Auntie Jen, for a wonderful afternoon!