My Time in the Shelter

Since I was seized through an animal cruelty case, I had to stay in protective custody while the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office prosecuted my former owner. That meant I had to stay at the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter (in Philadelphia) from September 2008 to February 2009, when I went home to my new Mom and Dad). The law prohibited me from being adopted while I was in protective custody, so I had no choice but to stay there.

The shelter staff and volunteers took excellent care of me, but no dog wants to live at a shelter, especially after coming out of a horrible situation to begin with.

Don't I look sad and lonely? People would toss treats in my kennel, but I usually ignored them. It was also hard for people to walk me because I moved so slowly, and once I was outside, I refused to come back in.

Thank goodness for my Kuranda bed, which kept my aching bones off the hard floor. (By the way, did you know you can donate a Kuranda bed to a shelter dog? We REALLY appreciate having them, and so the shelters.)

Here I am on Christmas Day 2008, eating my holiday meal of chicken and rice. I love chicken, and I appreciated all the extra attention I got on Christmas Day. It meant so much that the staff and volunteers spent their holiday taking care of me and the other shelter animals.

Have you considered volunteering at your local shelter? The shelter animals will thank you!