Pit Bull Dogs of the Past, Present, and Future

My humans did some shopping this weekend throughout upstate New York. They thought they left us dogs at home, but images of pit bulls kept popping up everywhere they went -- from chain stores like Old Navy to fancy home furnishing boutiques and several antique shops (they ran into former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer at one of them!).

Seems like everywhere you turn these days, a pit bull dog is looking back at ya! Mom snapped the following pictures to prove that pit bull dogs are an undeniable part of our culture and community, whether we're reminiscing about pit bull dogs from long ago or celebrating the pit bull dogs of today.

Makes you wonder: If pit bull dogs are so much a part of society, why would some shelters and rescue groups make it so hard to adopt them? Perhaps they need to get out more.

And if you find yourself thinking, "Hey, that's not a pit bull dog!" then please remember that somewhere, someplace, someone else thought it was. And if that dog were real and found itself in a shelter, we'd better hope it weren't one with discriminatory or outdated adoption policies against dogs who look a certain way.

From the Old Navy kids section in Kingston, NY (on sale for $5 -- woohoo!)

Spuds McKenzie coin bank at an antique store in Stanfordville, NY

Mom bought Spuds, along with his two friends. The feller in the back reminder her of me and my brother Junior!

Pit bull dog portrait in a fancy schmancy home furnishings store in Hudson, NY. Love me some brindle!

Coffee table book (appropriately titled "Dogs,"published 2007) in the same fancy schmancy store......it now lives in our not-so-fancy-schmancy home!

Off to buy dog food at "Dogs of Hudson" -- Mom and Dad were googly-eyed when they spotted this doggie in the window!
Doggie doorstop at a home design/art gallery in Hudson.
Mom was tempted to buy this piece she saw in a window display (at the same store), but we don't follow those rules at our house!

Old bull dog print from an antique store that smelled like an attic.

That store had a collection of customers' dogs by the register. That white feller in the top left looks awfuly handsome!

Vintage toy from the 1940s featuring "G.I. Joe and his K-9 Pups." The pup on the left tried talking Mom into buying this toy, but she learned it cost $225 and went on her merry little way.

This German kids toy (Flippo by Guntherman) also caught her eye. Skunked again! It cost $270. That's a lot of kibble.

Leaping back into modernity, Mom & Dad wandered into a boutique that sold pretty-looking soaps and other things that are so nice, you'd be afraid to actually use them. Wadda ya know! Among the floral themes was a.....Bull Terrier!

This old guy almost came home to live with us. He was at an antique store and seemed like a nice catch, until Mom & Dad remembered my sister Fannie's fear of statues (ask them about the time they took Fannie to the Unviersity of Georgia and she freaked at all the bulldog statues......).

Up there with the other dogs (in the same antique store) was the fella on the right, a cast iron door stop from a time when milk was still delivered to your doorstep. He was a handsome little booger, and Mom might save up her allowance to "adopt" him. She's a sucker for pit bull dogs with cropped ears.
On their way home, Mom and Dad stopped in a cafe on Warren Street in Hudson to get a sugar fix. And wouldn't ya know it, right on cue, this pretty lil' thing was outside waiting to greet them! Her name was Allie and she's 6 years old. Her Dad adopted Allie when she was 2.

And there ya have it.......pit bull dogs always were/currently are/always will be a cherished part of our society!

PS: In the future, when that Old Navy kids shirt ends up in a vintage store 50 years from now (probably selling for $200), you remember where you saw it first: "ELDERBULLS!!"