21st Century Pit Bull Dogs in Advertising

We always hear about the good old days, when pit bull dogs were used in mainstream marketing & advertising. Buster Brown? The RCA dog? We love the vintage ads from way back when!

But what about pit bull dogs today?

You may be surprised to learn how many mainstream companies in the 21st century use pit bull dogs to promote their products and services.

Let's continue to celebrate the glory days of pit bull dogs of yore. But let's ALSO celebrate the positive images of pit bull dogs today!

After all, there is plenty to cheer about!

Here are some examples I pulled from the past few years. Enjoy!


Molly Mutt: the Dog Bed Duvet Company: click here to view their website.

American Idol Crystal Bowersox (for her album, "Farmers Daughter):

Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health: click here to view the website.

KV Vet Supply:

Trupanion Pet Insurance:

Plugg Jeans Co. (sold at J.C. Penny):

Kroger Grocery Store:

Woodland Series Dog Beds:

Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits:

'Lucky' Magazine (April 2011, p. 153):


Old Navy: click here to view commercial.

Eleanor's Kitchen in Phoenixville, PA:

Free People Clothing Boutique: click here to view website/catalog.

In the Company of Dogs: click here to view website/catalog.


Amazon Kindle: click here for commercial.

Boyds Philadelphia: click here for website.

To view the complete "BOYDS Spring/Summer 2011 Magazine" (featuring numerous pit bull dogs), click here and flip to pages 108 to 118.

Doctors Foster & Smith Pet Supplies:

Scotch (3M) Lint Removal Products: click here for website.

Ruff Wear Performance Dog Gear: click here for website.

Rachel Ray's Nutrish Dog Food: click here for website.

Prudential: click here to watch commercial.

Blackberry: click here to watch commercial.

Lowe's Home Improvement: click here for website.

(This is from a Lowe's commercial that aired on tv in March 2011, but I can't find the link!)

Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe in San Luis Obispo, California: click here for website.
Lagunitas Brewing Company: click here for website.

Fetch Bar & Grill in New York City: click here.

Do you have an example of a pit bull dog in 21st century advertising/marketing? Please share it with the Sarge-ster by emailing me (elderbulls@gmail.com) or posting it on my Facebook page (my profile is Sarge Wolf-Stringer). Gracias!