We're Gonna Party Like It's 1994!!

On September 25, 2010, I'm turning 16 years old......so we're gonna party like it's 1994 at my "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party!!!!

Everyone is invited, including kiddies and dogs! There'll be vegan BBQ (courtesy of the Peace Advocacy Network)! There'll be cake (for dogs and people)!! There'll be games!! There'll be music!! There'll be tables with cool info!!

And best of all.....there'll be adoptable doggies who are looking for homes!

I'll also be honoring some special friends and organizations who have helped give me the life I deserve to live. Hey, I didn't reach this point without some special people looking out for me! What better way to celebrate my "Sweet Sixteen" than by saying thank you :)

And you know what will make this party extra sweet? My buddies at Rescue Chocolate are coming all the way from New York City to celebrate with me!!

So get your party pants on and get ready for some fun! I spent my first 14 birthdays with an animal abuser, so I've got a LOT of fun to get out of my system!


Sarge the Elderbull

PS: Rumor has it that my girlfriend, Mary Todd Lincoln (the elderpug) wants to jump out of my birthday cake.

PPS: I've also heard rumblings of my parents trading in my wagon for a sports car?!!? I hope it's red. Red is definitely my color :)