Sarge Goes to Work

My Dad and I picked up Mom from work and I got to meet some of her coworkers. They hear about me alllllllll the time, so I was overdue for a face-to-face visit. Mom keeps pictures of me at her desk so people will ask about me, and then she gets to share my story with them. People often ask her about Pit Bulls and the negative things they've heard about them from the media. Mom takes advantage of these opportunities to dispel Pit Bulls myths and to address the so-called "dog bite epidemic." Mom loves to share this link to the Animal Farm Foundation's website: "Armed with Information."

At the end of the day, however, the fastest way to win hearts and open minds is by meeting me in person.....which is why I'm always eager to meet new friends, like the ladies pictured below.

If only every day were "Bring Your Dog to Work" day, the world would be a better place!