I am Sarge

Many people assume that dogs who were victims of cruelty cannot live with other dogs. I think that's a bunch of rubbish. Every dog is an individual, so every dog should be viewed accordingly.

I share my home with five other dogs: Fannie (a female Rottie mix, ~8 years old), Captain (a male pug mix, ~4 years old), Nancy Reagan (a female Cocker Spaniel, ~4 years old), Mary Todd Lincoln (a female pug, ~ 9 years old), and Martha Washington (a female pit bull, 8 years old). All of them were adopted from shelters and ALL of them are spayed/neutered.

Of course, not every dog feels the same way. But that is not a function of the dog's breed, age, or past experience. So when people ask me, "Can pit bulls/shetler dogs/victims of cruelty live with other dogs?," my answer is always the same: go ask that particular dog!

Society likes quick answers. We like to label and generalize groups because it's faster than getting to know the individual. But just like snowflakes, no two dogs are alike.

I am Sarge. I am an individual. I am not a label. I am not a stereotype. I am not my abuser. I am not the crimes committed against me. I am not my breed (whatever my breed is!). I am not my age.

I am Sarge. And it's nice to meet you!

(Martha Washington was jogging with her Dad when this picture was taken, so just picture her in the background, will ya?)